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This is a basic workflow of planning a project using both the Plan and Boards tools in Projectplace.

  1. Add activities and project steps. Activitites are a way of grouping and visualizing work to be done. Project steps are the important dates and milestones for the project. Both are added to the project time plan in the Plan tool to give both project members and stakeholders a great overview of the work to be done.
  2. Break down the activities into smaller chunks of work. Larger activitites can be split into several more manageable sub-activitites.
  3. Break down the activities into cards. The lowest level of work to be performed can be represented by cards, that individual team members can take responsibility for. The cards are visually represented on a Kanban board where the team get a great overview of the progress of their work.
    There are two approaches for creating these cards, depending on your work process:
    • Create cards in Plan. Break down an activity into cards, directly in the activity detail view in the Plan. This way everything is prepared for the team – the cards turn up on their board and they can start working on the cards right away.
    • Create cards in Boards. The team creates the cards needed to fulfill the activity goal and connects it to the activity from the board.
  4. Follow up on project progress and replan. In the Plan tool a visual indication on each activity display how many cards have been completed. A number of widgets and dashboards on the project overview and in Boards tool, gives you a great insight into project progress and helps you to replan the project when needed.

Learn more on how to plan your project in the Plan tool.

Video: Connect the plan with work on Kanban boards